Sport is my passion and part of my life

It is not only exercises and physical work but a way of building character and shaping personality, learning respect, humbleness and patience.

I started my adventure with sport when I was 12 years old. I took part in martial arts Jeet Kune Do training. Each training was a pleasure and aroused my positive emotions.

I remember I couldn’t wait for further classes to improve my knowledge and skills. Inspired by the next challenge, at the age of 14 years old I started Kick Boxing trainings.

This type of martial arts is relatively young and for sure everyone knows Jean Claude Van Damme, who was my idol. Kickboxing always accompanies me in my life and has become my good “addiction”.

In my sports experience I had the opportunity to train K1, Thai Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA.

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My next life passion was strength training and bodybuilding

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The first workouts at the gym began in 2004.

Already as a martial arts fighter I was very interested in the physiology of the human body and transformation as a result of the strength training. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Tourism and Recreation, which helped me acquire knowledge in the field of physical recreation, combined with the opportunity to visit new places in the world.

Thanks to that I could travel and train martial arts and bodybuilding in many interesting clubs around the world and expand my coaching skills. Now I pass my knowledge in the field of sports to my students and inspire them to an active lifestyle!


issa certificate

Certified ISSA- International Sports Sciences Association Personal Trainer

Instructor of Movement Recreation – a specialist in swimming


Cetrified Kickboxing Trainer “PZKB- Polish Kickboxing Association”