why come & work out with me

Professional care
Upgrade of Your body  
Focus on you during training
Individual approach  
Nice work atmosphere

Motivation in pursuing the goal 
The best and most effective training methods
A dream figure and satisfaction
More than 100% of my support and commitment
Best change of your life style

Personal Training for women & men

Shaping the body

Fat reduction

Muscle mass building

Individual training plans

Cardio and strength trainings – preparation for tests and examinations

Stretching, firming and correcting training


Dietary advice, supplementation, healthy lifestyle, individual caloric demand

Kickboxing and Boxing trainings for women & men

Individual Kickboxing and Boxing classes

Kickboxing and Boxing for beginners

Kickboxing and Boxing for advanced


Recreational Kickboxing and Boxing trainings

Martial arts trainings that increase the body’s efficiency